Bryce Tham

Bryce is an aspiring software engineer and design thinker. His unique ability to combine cutting-edge full-stack development techniques with innovative UI/UX design has led to numerous successful partner projects with organizations around the world from non-profits to startups.

In 2019, Bryce will be joining Cisco Systems as a software engineer. To learn more about Bryce, please see his CV or resume.

Curriculum Vitae 1-Page Resume

Computer Science + Financial Tech

As a software engineering intern at Visa, Bryce played key roles in developing internal attestation, search, and reporting tools to improve operations and infrastructure. He also had a similar role as a database development intern working with financial data at UCI OIT.

Visa Inc. UCI OIT

Computer Science + Education

Working with world-class researchers at Stanford University and the TAL Education Group, Bryce is a major contributor to the Smart Primer project, an interactive, narrative-based tutor that combines some of the best features of both physical and electronic-based learning methods.

The Smart Primer Project Stanford HCI Group TAL Education Group

Computer Science + Industry 4.0

In partnership with the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology and the Institute for Software Research at UC Irvine, Bryce is the lead designer and developer for a UROP award-winning just-in-time AR-based training solution for manufacturing workers.

Calit2 UCI ISR ARMD Tech Report

Computer Science + Social Good

In association with Circle K International and over a dozen partner sponsors, Bryce is the co-founder of Change Thru Games, an annual 24-hour video game marathon for charity, which has raised thousands of dollars for non-profit organizations both locally and abroad. Bryce is also involved in the CS+SG Group at Stanford.

Change Thru Games Circle K International Stanford CS+SG Group