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Bryce Joe-Kun Tham

Master's Student, Computer Science, Class of 2019

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About Me

I am a graduate student pursuing my master's degree in computer science at Stanford University with a depth in human-computer interaction. Currently, I am a software engineering intern at Visa Inc. and an interaction design researcher with the Stanford HCI Group working on the Smart Primer project, a tablet-based engaging educational narrative that incorporates fun learning activities. Previously, I studied at the University of California, Irvine, where I received my bachelor's degree in computer science with specializations in information and algorithms. As an undergraduate, I served as an intern at the UCI Office of Information Technology and a research assistant at the UCI Institute for Software Research. I graduated summa cum laude with honors in ICS and was awarded the Chancellor's Award of Distinction in 2017. I am also the co-founder of Change Thru Games, an annual 24-hour video game marathon that has raised over $4000 for charity to date. With 3+ years of work experience and 2+ years of research assistantship, my unique background combines cutting-edge full-stack development techniques with cutting-edge UI/UX design that has led to numerous successful partner projects with organizations around the world from non-profits to startups.

Apart from computer science, I also enjoy playing video games and writing. My star sign is Aries and my Myers-Briggs personality type is ISFJ.

1-Page Resume (last updated July 7th, 2018)


Stanford University

Master of Science (M.S.) in Computer Science
Depth in Human-Computer Interaction, Class of 2019

  • 4.104 GPA
  • Honor Society Invitee
  • Stanford HCI Group

University of California, Irvine

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer Science
Dual Specialization in Information and Algorithms, Class of 2017

  • 3.998 GPA
  • Chancellor's Award of Distinction
  • Dean's Honor List (12x)
  • Honors in ICS
  • Summa Cum Laude
  • UROP Fellowship Award

See my undergraduate education profile for details and coursework.

Graduate Coursework

See the Stanford Bulletin for detailed course information.

HCI Design

  • Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction Design (CS 147)
  • User Interface Design Project (CS 194H)
  • Human-Computer Interaction Design Studio (CS 247)
  • Human-Computer Interaction Research (CS 376)
  • Seminar on People, Computers, and Design (CS 547)

HCI Applications

  • Web Applications (CS 142)
  • Software Project Experience with Corporate Partners I (CS 210A)
  • Software Project Experience with Corporate Partners II (CS 210B)
  • Analysis of Networks (CS 224W)

Broader CS

  • Using Tech For Good (CS 50)
  • From Languages to Information (CS 124)
  • Logic and Automated Reasoning (CS 157)
  • The Modern Algorithmic Toolbox (CS 168)


  • From Play to Innovation (ENGR 280)
* in-progress or planned for 2018-2019


Software Engineering Intern

Visa Inc. (June 2018 - present)

Engineer solutions for the Visa Ask Now platform by designing, developing, and implementing stories via agile methodologies.

Interaction Design Researcher

Stanford HCI Group (January 2018 - present)

Work with a research team on Quizbot, an AI-powered chatbot to help students learn language, science, and safety through conversation.

Database Development Intern

UCI Office of Information Technology (April 2015 - August 2017)

Develop and assist fellow OIT staff and the Data Warehouse team in developing and maintaining various database systems at UCI, with extensive use of Microsoft SQL Server and Informatica Designer.

Technology Chair

Circle K International (April 2015 - March 2016)

Create and consistently update the UCI Circle K website and provide tech support for the board and members trying to access the website’s features.

Python Lab Tutor

Donald Bren School of ICS (September 2014 - March 2015)

Aid and assist students in designing and developing laboratory programs for introductory computing courses.


The Smart Primer

Stanford HCI Group (January 2018 - present)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. James Landay

Description: The Smart Primer is an interactive, narrative-based tutor that combines some of the best features of both physical and electronic-based learning methods. Our initial focus will be on creating stories that help students develop skills in science, computing, mathematics, reading, and writing.

Just-In-Time AR-Based Learning in the Advanced Manufacturing Context

UCI Institute for Software Research (April 2016 - August 2017)

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Walt Scacchi

Abstract: The use of augmented reality (AR) applications has the potential to greatly reduce errors and increase productivity in the manufacturing space. The application I developed, in particular, focuses on the problem of how to provide effective training, which refers to issues that are related to when workers are required to learn new or updated skills, using AR. In a technique called just-in-time augmented learning, these “smart" workers can use AR to access valuable training resources, which play an important role in informing them of their tasks and responsibilities. This can be done without the need to refer to a secondary laptop computer or tablet, because the resources are loaded directly onto the workers’ AR device, integrating the training process into the workflow and reducing diversion. By using various game-based systems and marker-based AR libraries, I designed and developed a prototype for a head-mounted AR application that demonstrates the feasibility of just-in-time augmented learning for use in the assembly line manufacturing context.

Presented at: 2017 UCI Undergraduate Research Symposium, 2017 ISR Research Forum

UROP Fellowship Award

Other Papers


Technical Skills


Other Skills

  • Database Design
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Social Media/Networking
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Technologies

Industry Technologies: Amazon Web Services, Apache Cordova, Apache Tomcat, Bootstrap, Django, Docker, Eclipse, Git, Informatica PowerCenter, MEAN Stack, Microsoft Office, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle SQL Developer, React Native, Unity, Xcode


IssueVoter Widget
Programmer | IssueVoter | 2018

Collaborating with major news publishers such as Forbes and AP News, the IssueVoter widget allows people to conveniently communicate their stance on major political topics to their local representatives.

Python HTML CSS JavaScript Django Docker Bootstrap Git

Programmer | Course Project | 2018

PhotoApp is a single-page photo-sharing web application where users can upload, like, and comment on other people's photos, featuring a robust front end and back end as well as custom API calls.

HTML CSS JavaScript MEAN Stack

Programmer/Designer | dt+UX | 2017-2018

With goFIT, you decide what kind of healthy lifestyle you wish to pursue. goFIT combines fitness tracking and community interaction, offering meaningful social connection to make exercise more rewarding.

JavaScript Swift React Native Xcode Git

UnproductiveTab + Recloggery
Programmer | Personal Projects | 2017

UnproductiveTab is a witty new tab extension for Google Chrome with quick links to popular websites. Recloggery uses Bootstrap and DataTables to organize Backloggery recommendations into a beautiful, presentable table.

HTML CSS JavaScript Bootstrap Git

Ocean Waves
Programmer/Designer | Global Game Jam | 2017

Ocean Waves is a game about a young girl named Ocean who strives to make the world a happier place by waving at the depressed denizens of her nearby park.

C# Unity Git

AR Manufacturing Demo
Programmer/Designer | UCI ISR | 2016

The AR Manufacturing Demo is a head-mounted AR application that demonstrates the feasibility of just-in-time augmented learning for use in the assembly line manufacturing context.

C# Unity Git

UROP Fellowship Award

Bubble Buddy
Programmer/Designer | Autism App Jam | 2016

Bubble Buddy is a web-based virtual communication companion designed for young children with autism who struggle with communication, identifying emotions, and learning by interacting with them using typical everyday conversation.

HTML CSS JavaScript MEAN Stack Bootstrap Git

Winner, 2nd Place Hype Award

Programmer | Course Project | 2016

Fabflix is a web-based interface that allows customers to browse/search for movie information, add interesting movies to their shopping cart, and check out.

Java HTML CSS MySQL JavaScript Amazon Web Services Apache Tomcat Bootstrap Eclipse

UC Irvine Circle K Website Programmer/Administrator | Circle K International | 2015-2016

The UC Irvine Circle K Website utilizes key web development techniques and open-source software solutions to create a reliable and robust website as a resource hub for members and a means of organizing club secretarial information.

HTML CSS MySQL JavaScript PHP Bootstrap

Outstanding Club Website, 1st Place

Programmer/Designer | Med AppJam | 2014

MedLight is a mobile application that uses a newsfeed-style of updating system in order to streamline information and communication between healthcare providers and their patients to keep all relevant personnel updated on the patient's health.

Swift Xcode Git

Programmer | Course Project | 2014

Othello is a simple version of popular board game of the same name with a working graphical user interface.



Circle K International

The primary source of my community service experience comes from my involvement in Circle K International as an event chair for various projects and fundraisers as well as an appointed board member, family head, and mentor. My 750 hours of involvement have accrued me bronze and silver membership recognition standing over the course of my 4 years of service both at UCI and Stanford. Notably, I am the co-founder of Change Thru Games, an annual 24-hour video game marathon that has raised over $4000 towards charity to date.

The UCI Experience (2014)

Publicity Chair

Raised $169 towards Thomas House Family Shelter.

Change Thru Games (2014)


Raised $525 towards The Eliminate Project.

Dance For A Chance (2015)

Fundraising Chair

Raised $1500 towards Thomas House Family Shelter.

Change Thru Games II (2015)

Lead Director

Raised $755 towards The Eliminate Project.

Technology Internship Program (2016)

Committee Head

Mentored 4 students in web development.

Living in Code (2017)

Workshop Host

Talked about growing as an ICS major at UCI.

IGN Entertainment

I have also been an community moderator, avid blogger, occasional podcaster, and all-star member on IGN Entertainment between 2011 and 2016. My duties included moderating and filtering comments as per IGN’s terms and conditions, including issuing warnings and bans. I've published over 240 blog posts, many of which have been featured on popular websites such as ZeldaDungeon and NintendoLife. Below is a small sample of my works. You can view an archive of all my previous blog posts here.

You can read a continuation of my works on my personal blog.


Honors in ICS

ICS Honors Program (June 2017)

The ICS Honors Program (ICSHP) provides an opportunity for students in any of the Bren School's majors to carry out a research project under the direction of a Bren School faculty member. Honors in ICS are awarded to those who have successfully completed the ICSHP requirements.

Chancellor's Award of Distinction

UCI Alumni Association (June 2017)

The Chancellor’s Award of Distinction recognizes an exceptional group of graduating students who exhibit a commitment to cutting-edge research, leadership, or service to UCI. The award recognizes UCI’s most outstanding undergraduates.

Dean's Scholarship Finalist

University of Southern California (February 2017)

The USC Viterbi School of Engineering offers several merit-based funding opportunities for students who demonstrate exemplary potential for success in advanced engineering studies. The final scholarship was declined in favor of attending Stanford University.

UROP Fellowship Award

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (January 2017)

UROP provides funding in support of UCI faculty-mentored undergraduate research and creative projects. $2000 was awarded in support of "Just-In-Time AR-Based Learning in the Advanced Manufacturing Context".

Winner, 2nd Place

Autism App Jam (April 2016)

The winners of the Autism App Jam, a two week competition where teams use their creativity to develop an app that would benefit persons with autism, are chosen with regards to relevance to autism, uniqueness, creativity, presentation, and design process.

Hype Award

Autism App Jam (April 2016)

The recipients of the Hype Award showcase exemplary skills in the documentation and development of their application.

Outstanding Club Website, 1st Place

Circle K International (March 2016)

The Outstanding Club Website award is presented to the top club with the most outstanding website based on appearance, content, usage, organization, and promotion of events.

Distinguished Appointed Board Officer

Circle K International (March 2016)

The Distinguished Appointed Board Officer award is presented to an Appointed Board officer who demonstrates excellent achievement in his/her role and illustrates the distinguished Appointed Board officer’s dedication, participation, and contribution to Circle K International.

Member of the Week

Circle K International (October 2014)

The Member of the Week is chosen by the board members of Circle K International at the University of California, Irvine and is awarded to one exemplary member who showcases outstanding service, leadership, and fellowship.

Blog of the Week

IGN Entertainment (July 2014)

The Blog of the Week is chosen by the MyIGN community who nominates what they feel are the most interesting, deserving, and entertaining blogs of a given week.

Niles Rotary Club Scholarship

Rotary International (June 2013)

This Niles Rotary Club Scholarship is given to a high school senior with outstanding service to his/her school and community while demonstrating high scholastic achievement.


Please feel free to connect with me on any of my social networks. My primary contact information can be found at the top of this page.

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